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Friday, October 25, 2013

I touched the soul of... when

  • I touched the American soul on a spring afternoon when I saw an American man searching his friend’s name among 50,000 names carved on the marble stones of Vietnam War Memorial. The moment he found his friend’s name, he busted into emotional tears and my eyes are also filled with hot burning tears. It was the very first moment I realized that not Vietnam War is not only a grief stricken experience for Vietnamese but also for Americans. The sorrow of losing your beloved ones is the same no matter what side we fight for, what God we pray nor what ideology we put faith in. In the end, we are all HUMANS.
  • I touched the Laotian soul when my lovely Laotian brother and sisters jump for joy seeing me again. One of a Laotian I met told me that: “Laos is willing to sacrifice anything for its BIG brother, Vietnam. Only 2 things a Laotian can never give: “HOMELAND and WIFE”. I have been to so many places but the love that Laos has for Vietnam is a very special one that cannot be described in words.
  • I touched the Indonesian soul on a farewell evening at Prambanan Temple praying with my Muslims brothers and sisters.  I will never forget Islamic values that they helped me to understand. Islam to me is deep, beautiful and really closer to truth. Those media flood created by ignorant people means nothing and can never change the essence of your religion. InsyaAllah may God bless you, whoever he is and whatever his name is.
  • I touched the Japanese soul of when I was at Hoei Crater, Mt. Fuji feeling the pristine nature and the love of Japanese for its sacred Mountain. It was also the moment at Kabata Village when we drink water directly from Lake Biwa. I wonder how they can coexist that harmoniously with nature considering the fact that they are the second largest industrialized country in the world.
  • I touched the Norwegian soul on my first dinner with my host family in a cozy candle-lit room. I realized that Norwegian friendship and hospitality is more than warm enough to lighten my days in such a freezing Arctic country.
  • I touched the soul of Germany when my Vietnamese family drove me around the country in German Autobahn passing little houses on the prairies.
  • I touched the soul of Czech when I saw keys chains locked tightly to Charles Bridge by couples wishing for an eternal love. I told my heart that one day I will take the man of my life there and lock the keys engraving our names on that famous bridge.
  • I touched the Thai soul on a burning summer day at Wat Yai Chai Mongkol in Ayutthaya amazed at Buddha statues standing highly and majestically.
  • And I touched the soul of Vietnam on a serene afternoon in a boat sailing around Halong Bay. I know that no matter how many places I have been to, there is only one place that I belong to, only one place I can proudly say it is MINE, that is forever my beloved homelands where my heart, my soul and my mind stays forever. I am always and forever proud of the Vietnamese blood inside me. NOW and FOREVER…..

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