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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A very beautiful DREAM when I look back

One week has already passed since the farewell dinner at Prambanan Temple, but even when I close my eyes, I still see faces, laughter, tears and dreams we left behind. 

When I am typing this note in my room, the moon is full outside. Today is the 15th of June according to Lunar Calendar. According to Oriental belief, the moon is full on each 15th of every month. It reminded me so much of my walking with Awa in the Prambanan Temple. She told me that: “It is exactly a DREAM when a Vietnamese girl is walking with a Senegalese in Indonesia dreaming about a better world for the future generation”.

When I see the moon, I know you are all looking at the moon now. No matter what part of the world we live in, the moon will always be the same, isn't it?

Even in my sweatiest dream I can’t expect that one day I will drive 8 hours with a group of friends from UAE, Syria, Gambia, Madagascar, Namibia, Slovakia, Ethiopia, Oman to Dieng Plateau and swim at a volcano pool under the moonlight ( full of sulfur though :)

Even in my most amazing dream I can’t believe that one day I will hold an UAE guy one hand and the other holding an Indonesian girl to help each other cross the river collecting rubbish on a Community Service Day (The River was flowing swiftly indeed). 

Even in my most wonderful dream I can’t imagine that I was strolling around Malioboro doing shopping with a group of friends coming from such a diverse background, having so much fun and so many indescribable memories in that two-kilometer street ( For me, it is the BESTest shopping street ever. Neither 5th Avenue nor Ngee Ann Street can be compared with Malioboro). 

Even in my most fabulous dream I can’t visualize that I am walking in an Indonesian street with a Madagascan and Namibian lady, a Syrian man speaking German. Isn't that a flat world? 

Even in my nicest dream I can’t hold my breath thinking I am attending the lecture by the former Indonesia vice-president, one of the most influential and well-respected man in Indonesia together with the smartest of smartest young ladies and gentlemen. This world will be a much better place if one day we become leaders- I am not dreaming- I believe!

Even in the most unexpected dream I can’t believe that I am doing wuduh and praying in the Mushola with AWESOME Muslims ever. You all teach me so many new things and open a totally new window for me. I will never forget Islamic values that you guys helped me to understand. I am on my way of seeking the truth, but I want you all to understand that whether I decide to be converted or not, Islam to me is deep, beautiful and really closer to truth. Those media flood created by ignorant people means nothing and can never change the essence of your religion. Inshalla may God bless you, whoever he is and whatever his name is. I am now listening to Azan calling for prayers and cannot stop thinking about you all. Inshalla our paths will cross again very soon. 

Even in my most adventurous dream I can’t believe that I am given the honor to attend the 2nd International Students Summer Program and World Youth Leaders Assembly on the theme of “Preparing Global Future Leaders for a Better Awareness and Mutual Understanding among Nations”. I realized one important thing that conflicts of interests always exist in human society and we can hardly find a perfect solution to this problem. We do not necessarily have to accept each other’s values. We simply need to RESPECT each other’s choice and belief no matter what it is. 

But here in my BESTest DREaM, all these things were realized. It is my life-time honor to be friends with intelligent, friendly and humorous people like you. 

Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Philippines, East Timor, Cambodia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Syria, Oman, Solomon Islands, Gambia, Namibia, Senegal, Madagascar, Italy, Slovakia, Sierra Lionel, Japan, Korea should be ALL proud of giving birth to citizens like you guys. You are all ideal representatives of your countries, some of which I can only imagine from the map, but now you are all my life-time friends. Before the program, I cannot believe that we can be that close and connected. I feel like we have known each other like forever. Time is not necessarily the measure of how deep the friendship is, isn't it?

Until the last breath of my life will I ever forget this farewell moment at Prambanan Temple with you all. Hugs, tears, promises of a future reunion and a better world for you, for me and for the humankind. Why not? 

But I know that reality is not covered with roses. Tomorrow I have to wake up, come back with my daily life burdened with personal worries. I may not be able to spend all our times thinking about each other. However, when I look back at these times I spent with you all, I feel blessed because I have you in my life with me. You are my family!

I hope you understand the big loss you left in my heart the day we bade goodbye. Wherever you are, my heart is with you and I will always pray all the best for you all. 

Thank you DREAM program and all the committee and participants. It is not the end. It is just the beginning- the beginning of a new friendship crossing all geography, religion, culture and language boundaries. 

Thank you again for reminding me of one important thing: “We humans are all the same. Nothing can divide us no matter what ignorant media are trying to brainwash us”. 

Thank you for your friendship and belief. I cannot stop my tears when some DREAM participants gave me big hug and told me:”Come back to Vietnam and be a good leader from what you learned here”. I will never give up when at least one person still believes that I can. You all help me to see my DREAm again- my dream of a better world, the dream that will never be forgotten deep inside my heart. 

On my flight from Yogja to Jakarta, I was holding Ratna’s hand so tightly and fell asleep. My eyes were full of tears seeing Yogja again from the sky. My heart already flew away with you all by then. 

My last moment at Jakarta Airport, Indonesia, when I ended the call with Abdel and Rully- my two Egyptian Akhi and Indonesian Sandora, I heard Sara calling my name. I could not believe she would be able to find me again in that big airport just to say goodbye with me. I burst into tears like a lost child finding her family again. 

When I first arrived at Jakarta two weeks ago, I felt so lonely. I would never imagine I would leave Indonesia with so many memories and friendship like that.

It was also the moment I started believing in Allah. I prayed twice at a Mushola at Yogja Airport, asking him to bless my all friends and bring them to me soon. He heard me. It was him who brought Sara, Hazza and Abduh to see me just one minute before I was about to board. On my way back from Jakarta to Singapore, I did not stop crying. It was definitely the saddest flight ever of my life so far. I was thinking of you all, holding the Qu’ran Abdel gave me to my heart. At that very moment, I know that I am never alone in this world. 

Wherever you go, my heart always stays with you. Please never forget that you always have a Vietnamese friend who prays everyday to see you again one day in the future when our dream of a better world becomes true, for you and for me!

It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow -Robert H. Goddard Franklin

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